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Is with regret that Google Plus is coming to an end on April the 1st of this year.

I have enjoyed the peace and quiet of leisurely taking advantage of all the benefits that came with using the platform, one of them being a drama free experience absent of toxic individuals that project their loneliness on to other people, and the freedom of being able to choose like minded people to spend your time with online, unlike the drip drip experience of Facebook, and the never ending look at me attention seeking, grabbing personalities that come with that train wreck of an excuse for a social networking platform.

I digress, for it comes across to me that in the shadowy world of the upper echelons of managerial power in the social networking world there is some double dealing occurring here, as regards to algorithms and the proven fact that many people have opted out of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and moved over to Google plus for some sanity, they know this and Google are quite happy to close down Google plus to appease the likes of Mark  Zuckerberg etal……..

What this symbolises to me is this desperate attempt by those within this authority to corner people into having no other viable options but to fall back into line and again become slaves to the sometimes toxic experiences that come to fruition while using train wreck platforms that are frequented by a high percentage of damaged, lonely individuals.

Another side to this situation is this tip toe agenda of isolating people into a narrow choice of where they spend their time online so they can be censored much easily for the things they post and say. Now as a result of Google plus deciding to close down it’s platform, i myself quite some time ago re awoken my Facebook account and went back to the dysfunction that i had previously walked away from, only to find out and realise all the things that i have mentioned above in this article.

I am a great believer that we are still entitled to the freedom of choice as to where we spend our time online and who with, just as we are entitled to choose who our friends are offline too. Now as a result of the above mentioned suspicions that i have, i decided to delete my Facebook account last night and within Thirty days of this decision everything will be deleted and i am not going back.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and no amount of peer group persuasion will ever draw me back. There are only so many photos of other people’s dinners you can tolerate, there are only so many posts about the school reports of other people’s children you can swallow. You get the picture if you are fed up of hearing about every single day out and holiday, plus what sized hot dog each family member had at the fairground, coupled with very lonely individuals that want you to copy and paste their brain farts about what friendship means to them……..

If this is as good as it’s going to get in the way we communicate in the Twenty First century then God help us all…………


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