Sociopaths, Traits and Warnings.

With these personality types they end up touching the lives they come into contact with in negatively bizarre ways that will never easily be forgotten.

What will come out of it for anyone on the receiving end of the unusual behaviour is a very unique experience that can socially and psychologically scar for life. Narcissistic bullying is one of many traits a sociopath will use if they fail to fool those around them that are getting wiser to their lies and deceit.

They are masters at downloading your psychological make up, as well as your comings and goings, lifestyle, where you shop, how often you shop to get a good estimation of where your financial status is. They will study the socialising patterns of people around them to gauge what kind of friendship support networks they may have or be lacking and they are just a few of many things a sociopath will look at when choosing a victim.

They weigh up all the strengths and weaknesses to determine who or not is cannon fodder. They pick their targets very, very carefully to limit reprisals for themselves. There are some vulnerable people they can gauge straight away, and it is not uncommon for sociopaths to target lonely elderly people. They will move in on loners who may not have the family and friendship support networks that others more fortunate take for granted.

Once they see their victim there are no boundaries, they then dive straight in like a tourist jumps into a hotel swimming pool, once they know this particular target is a dead cert. An example i will give you here is a sociopath moves into your neighbourhood and let me tell you one thing for sure that stands exempt from doubt; ‘ Everyone will know about it, even you because they find ways to make a splash and a noise that cannot be avoided, even if you are a shoalin monk that dedicates your time to peace and meditation’.

These people make themselves easily and quickly known to those around them, with displays of attention seeking that would rock any neighbourhood on the face of this earth. What is more, they constantly want people to know that they are here and they won’t be ignored. In fact they make it impossible to ignore them, It’s as if they are saying to those around them’ No matter what i am going to make damn sure that you take notice of me, at no matter what cost, even if it compromises my own self respect i don’t care, because if you refuse to take enough notice of me i will make you pay in some way.

The behaviour of a sociopath can be quite menacing at times to the point where those who are living closest to them may end up going out when they normally wouldn’t to get away from the toxic noise and attention seeking of the sociopathic neighbour they have been unfortunately burdened with in the vicinity. As one of their neighbours you may then find yourself approaching the building where you live from a different angle if there is one in hope that this lonely attention seeking monster does not spot you and start mithering you in an unusual way. Once they feel they have their feet under the table in any situation that is when they start moving in on people and playing their games.

If a sociopath cannot use charm to get into a person’s life they may use subtle menacing aggression to incite fear into their chosen target so they will be easier susceptible to do as the sociopath wants and desires. They may invite you to their apartment and be sociable with you. Depending on how vulnerable you are they may start finding ways to scheme and scam you. One example i will give here is they may accuse you of taking and stealing something from their flat. They will say’ Well there was only you and i in the room so it could only have been you.’ You know you haven’t taken whatever it was they accused you of stealing but if you are easily frightened and intimidated by this individual they will sense it like a wild dog and persist with the false allegation until you give in and either do some sort of trade with them that is favourable to this despicable individual or you replace the alleged item that has supposedly gone missing.

Now if you are their modelled target they will then find a way to force themselves into your life if you are now making a concerted effort to avoid them at all costs. If they can get closer and closer to you that is when they can easily manipulate you and twist things in their own favour. This kind of sociopath is very formidable and very difficult for a vulnerable person to say no to. What is expected of you next from this kind of sociopath is to accept their behaviour on every level, because, after all it isn’t their fault it’s yours because you caused them to behave in these certain ways with the things you did or didn’t do that has failed the inflated expectations of this person.

They will then start comparing you by their own standards in a way that is the total opposite to everything you morally stand for. They will find ways to easily discredit you and everything you say and believe. What begins here is the dismantlement and invalidation process. They are trying to strip you of who you really are to then become a clone of them so you robotic-ally perform every action in the way they perfectly desire. In reality it is near on impossible for any other human being to live up to that expectation but the sociopath is oblivious to that simple fact of life.

That is when you fully see the toddler in an adults body. If a Three year old child doesn’t get it’s own way he or she will throw their tantrum then sulk in the corner but the adult version of this gives you no relief. It’s like dealing with a demon from hell. They will be naggingly relentless until you give in and give them their own way. But that will never be enough in the long run because such individuals have a thirst that nothing and no one will ever quench, because it doesn’t matter what you give them or what you do for them, it’s never fuckin enough.

Finally, if i could give anyone any advisable warnings and caution i would say’ If you come across any individual that displays any of these personality traits my advice would be run like the wind in the opposite direction because such people are better off avoided at all costs. You won’t change these kinds of people. Most of them actually like who they are. If one moves into your neighbourhood displaying any of these traits then move the hell away as quickly as possible, because if you don’t your life will not be the same again for a good while.



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