The Scarcity Lie.

Why do most of us have defeatist beliefs about money ?

It comes down to the fact that a large percentage of the population in any given society in the western world were brought up with a scarcity mindset. We see scarcity all around us and within the family units if we come from not so well off backgrounds. Most of us lived it and breathed it as we were growing up and took on these negative beliefs automatically, and without question.

We were also taught to believe that poor was good and rich was bad, and as a consequence, we went on to assume that people in poorer neighbourhoods were nicer people. However from my own personal experience that is not necessarily true. These false beliefs mentioned become the governing paradigms of many people as they are growing and developing. Added to that what culminates further is hatred of money and a worshipping of a poverty mindset.

A lot of us were conditioned to think that people who live in poverty are nicer people, but that in itself has proven to be false to me, when i think of all the people i have ever met in my life to this day. In truth there is actually nothing wrong with money but we were taught that money has the power to corrupt anyone and make them bad people but again, that is not a truth that deserves to be carved in stone.

Our paradigms then become thicker and toxic when we see people win lottery competitions, or people from wealthy stock winning large sums of money and we then go back to the ingrained reference point we inherited from our guardians, assuming such competitions are fixed and are one horse races. The reality of it is this;

When it comes to money most of us were programmed in the wrong way.

We were conditioned to have poverty mindsets. To be able to break this belief like any other you first have to find out the very reasons why you have the belief in the first place, because that is how you begin to change a belief. There is no use trying to install a new belief on top of old beliefs when you have not delved into looking at why you have the destructive beliefs to begin with. This scarcity mindset that there is not enough to go round immediately gets in the way of many people’s progress, and as said above, this faulty program needs to be undone.

The job of the mainstream media and the establishment.

The media constantly compound us with negative messages about scarcity and why there’s supposedly not enough to go round, but the real caveat in such messages for me is this;

Those at the very top of the tree who demand the media to deliver negative messages of scarcity to the masses are not living or experiencing scarcity themselves, and that is one of the biggest ironies that there is.

What such individuals desire is that most of the population on a global basis continue to resent money and people who have it, and they know that it creates a psychological barrier to making any. You have to remember that these given individuals are experts at human psychology.

Reality check

If scarcity really existed there would be no wealthy people anyway, so scarcity is a lie in itself that is heavily promoted to the masses by media propaganda. Unfortunately humanity soaks up such information like a sponge, that is why when you are making an effort to break the poverty mindset you will encounter opposing mindsets that will try to automatically counteract your efforts to break the destructive paradigm of poverty and this is psychologically infectious in every society where, collectively you have a population of people on a mass level with ( The not enough to go round mentality)

Again guys and girls get it into your heads;

If there wasn’t enough to go round wealthy people would not exist.

Humanity has been lied to and conned for millennia and can’t you see that we are all moving on a conveyor belt that has been built on a very big lie ?

This belief of not being able to win and never getting ahead has collectively mutated in most societies in an alarming way. Now to end this article let me summarise some key points to you in the hope that it will help you weaken your destructive beliefs about money;

  • Not all wealthy people are crooks.
  • Not all poor people are good people.
  • The poverty mindsets that people are given creates more crime and misery.
  • Money is just paper that can be easily printed.
  • Even if they stopped printing money it can still be used invisibly.
  • So how can it be scarce?
  • It’s not like oil or anything resourceful that can be stripped from the earth.
  • The world has never ever been in debt to anyone.
  • Recessions are man made lies.

I hope my article has helped you question your negative beliefs about money and above all question the myth of scarcity.


Thank you for your time.


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