Why You Tube Isn’t Worth It Anymore

YouTube is becoming a platform where videos are being censored and DE monetised.

What i have found in this latest debacle is the most awake people are being censored for what they say, or their videos are being DE Monetised. I have come across numerous individuals in recent times that are waking the world up, that have become casualties of these punitive occurrences.

There are thousands of creators that have left YouTube over the last Ten years and given what i alone have witnessed it’s hardly surprising. It just seems to me that Google have this perfect picture of what can be said and what cannot, of which runs into line with the very lies the elite have been throwing down our throats for millennia.

It is common knowledge even more so these days that the elite do not want people waking up to the very truths that these wakeful people are telling in their YouTube videos. Those at the very top of the tree have been pushing a narrativeĀ  for centuries for the masses to soak up like a sponge and to stay imprisoned by circumstances and propaganda that has been force fed to us and the many generations that came before us.

Most Google and Silicone Valley employees were educated by professors who come from that collective ilk of mass control so is it any wonder why so many creatively awakened people are getting a shock horror episode when they find out their videos have been Demonetised without any warning whatsoever?

The excuse given to these creators was a supposed copyright infringement in their material. Where the caveat appears in my book is these infringements did not just come about after the first Two or Three videos that were made, no, these accusations of infringement were all of a sudden thrust upon the creator after they made about 20 or more videos, yes.

This hasn’t just happened to One or Two people, this has been wholesale guys. Now Google itself is playing an extremely shrewd hand in the sense that there are Google employees posing as life coaches, entrepreneurs, and so called inspirational people who are playing an acting role, along with trained trolls who can toxify the most level headed human being into throwing the towel in with YouTube and seeking pastures new to spread their creativity.

This is no accident given the fact that the most creatively minded have been leaving YouTube in their droves, i kid you not. Young talented people who are waking up surprisingly earlier than previous generations did are finding out that their once upon a time dream of making money from creative content is now being flushed down the toilet pan by the elite police and it’s many disciples who lounge about behind computer screens at silicone Valley.

My question that i ask myself when i encounter another casualty is simply this;

Is YouTube going to be just left with Toxic people and Verbal box ticking arseholes?

That is the only viable outcome i can see from this censoring mess we have all now inherited. People will just take their work to their websites and put this over policed platform behind them.